Thursday, January 1, 2009

How would my cell phone plan work in Russia

How would my cell phone plan work in Russia?
I currently have a Verizon cell phone here in the US (Idaho) but in September I am moving to Moscow City, Russia to nanny for a family. I will be there anywhere from 6 months to two years, and I was wondering how the cell phone thing would work. Will my Verizon phone even work in Russia? I can't go out of the country without being able to keep in contact with my friends and family, but would I have to buy a cell phone plan there, or will this one still work there? Thanks!
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Your phone will not work in Russia. You would not want it to. Using a US phone and a US plan in another country would cost more than a fortune. International calling is expensive whatever you use. Buy a notebook computer or netbook and plan on using email.